Empower America Project Backs Michelle Steel for Congress

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I’m a public servant, mother, and proven tax-fighter who wants to make a difference and help those in need.

As a young adult, I came to America with my mother and two younger sisters from South Korea. Like so many before me and many more after me, my family came to America searching for opportunities with the hope for a better future.

I first became interested in public service at an early age when I watched my single working mother struggle to fight an unwarranted tax bill from the California State Board of Equalization. As an immigrant who owned a small business, my mother lacked the resources she needed to appeal the state agency and reluctantly acquiesced to the board’s demands.

After watching my own mother struggle, I knew I needed to help those who couldn’t help themselves and be a strong voice for the voiceless. I knew I needed to serve my community, so I decided to run for public office.

I successfully ran for the California State Board of Equalization, the very agency that showed me how broken our political system is, and I quickly worked to make much needed, common-sense reforms.

I pledged to oppose all new taxes, prevent any tax increases, and presume all taxpayers are innocent until proven guilty when adjudicating tax appeals. I also led the fight to return over $400 million back to California taxpayers who were victims of a tax system that had failed us.

At the California State Board of Equalization, I became the country’s highest ranking Korean American officeholder and California’s highest-ranking Republican woman, which gave me a unique platform to give back to my country by empowering the next generation of women and minority leaders in our community.

I currently serve as the Chairwoman of the Orange County Board of Supervisors where I work tirelessly on behalf of all Orange County families fighting higher taxes, reducing traffic congestion in our communities, and ensuring our bays and coastlines are clean.

I’m running for Congress because Orange County needs a strong voice in Washington, D.C. who will honor promises made and stand up for us and our values.


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