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New Business Opportunities in Mexico - Sept 5

Last month's discussion at Thunderbird School of Global Management in collaboration with Global Chamber® on the US-China trade war was excellent! Read more and watch HERE. We appreciate the collaboration with and the global capabilities of Thunderbird!

Coming up we have another collaborative event at Thunderbird and live via zoom on September 5th covering Mexico. It's an all-star cast of experts speaking about business to help guide your growth. Note the new date is September 5th, 8:30am Pacific time.


New Business Opportunities in Mexico - September 5


More Global Happenings

Warm Introductions Make the Business World Go 'Round

mail? introductions across metros and borders are the basis for much of the value that we provide for members. And it's fun for us. too because we love to see magic, including fresh ideas and new business opportunities happen after these warm intros.

Like yesterday... at left member Megaforce of Taipei, Taiwan ROC (Eric Chen, left and Doris Graff, right) visited with Delta Technology of Tempe, Arizona (Lyle Rusanowski, center). Megaforce has injection molding plants spread across 3 countries: Taiwan, China and Mexico, and Delta has grown 8X in just a few years with automation equipment sold in countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

These two companies had no logical way to meet each other except through our system of warm introductions that identify the potential. It's too early to report results, and even when they come in there's probably not much that can be said publicly about it... but we'll all be smiling like this.

Thanks Lyle for your support! Thanks Eric and Doris for all your hard work that is paying off!

Global Growth Best Practices - Sept 4, 11 and 18

Join us for sessions 2, 3 and 4 of this special program to help members with their next growth market. The next market is always the most difficult! If you miss the first session on the 28th of August, we'll send you the recording. If you miss the first two, it'll probably be best to let us know and we'll come up with a plan B for you. Sign up for Sept 4 HERE.

Global Data Protection Globinar - Sept 10

Cybersecurity has become a top priority for businesses around the world, no matter size or industry. What are the data breach trends? And what are the financial implications of common cyber-attacks? Join us for a live discussion and globinar at Polsinelli-Chicago to learn the latest on these trends and how these risks can be mitigated. Zoom in... register here.

League of Extraordinaries - Sept 19

We love connecting our members together, and this is a signature monthly event to connect global service providers together from anywhere. Last month was our best ever, and so either we're getting really good at holding these one hour meetings, or our members are getting smarter and better all the time! We think it's a little of both! This month join us September 19th... limited seating. Sign up (members only).

US-EU Enterprise Summit in Little Rock - Sept 19

We encourage established and growing firms working between Europe and the US to attend a special event on September 19th in Little Rock, Arkansas. It's a private, high-level affair, and you can read more here. The event location will be disclosed later due to security of the delegation from Europe and across the US. We recommend you check this out. MORE

USAfrica Business Expo in NYC - Sept 20-21

Attend USAfrica Business Expo to discover international trade and business opportunities. You’ll hear from top Industry experts and government leaders, and collaborate in international trade and business-critical workshops to exchange information with stakeholders. Member discount HERE.

Risks and Opportunities in Colombia and Latin America - Sept 27

The imploding of Venezuela is impacting countries all around, and other dynamics are creating challenging conditions... and NEW opportunities. Listen in as experts discuss the latest and greatest in Latin America, Colombia-centered. Sign up.

Blockchain Life in Moscow - October 16-17

Global Chamber® is pleased to support Blockchain Life 2019 October 16th—17th in Moscow. It is expected to be one of the largest international forums on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In recent years, 6,000 participants from 70 countries have attended. Read more and attend.

USA-Central Europe Women in Business - October 17

Global Chamber® is pleased to support Cultural Vistas and their program in New York City bringing together women leaders doing business between the US and Central Europe. Giving women a voice and platform is a powerful driver of economic growth and innovation. The USA-Central Europe Women in Business Summit promises to be the largest and most important summit of its kind focused on building trans-atlantic ties for women in business. Register

Going Global Live in London - November 27-28

Global Chamber is partnering with Going Global Live, the UK’s number 1 Expo for expanding internationally. This years show, sponsored by American Express, will be held in the London ExCel on the 27th & 28th of November and we encourage you to attend. Free tickets, click here! 

Global Events, Globinars and More 

Coaching Professors Weekly Grow Globally Meetings Starting on August 28. More

Coaching Professors Weekly Grow Globally Meetings Starting on Sept 4. More

Explore New Business in Mexico - Thunderbird/Global Chamber Event, Sept 5. Register

Global Data Breach and Cyber Insurance Trends, September 10. Register

Coaching Professors Weekly Grow Globally Meetings Starting on Sept 11. More

Coaching Professors Weekly Grow Globally Meetings Starting on Sept 18. More

Virtual League of Extraordinaries, September 19. Register

US-EU Enterprise Forum in Little Rock, September 19. More

USAfrica Business Expo in NYC, September 20-21. More

Risks and Opportunities in Colombia and Latin America, September 27. Register

Launch Event in Ahmedabad, India, October 4th. TBA

Blockchain Life 2019 Europe/Russia in Moscow on October 16-17

Central Europe Women in Business by Cultural Vistas in NYC on October 17

Grow Globally Fair Los Angeles and GetGlobal 2019, November 5-7. More

Strategic Sourcing in Asia: Consider Malaysia, November 6. TBA

Going Global Live in London, November 27-29. Register for your free ticket here.

Global to Local Innovation Ecosystem - US Southwest, December 10th. Register

Grow Globally Fair US-Mexico, December 11th in Nogales, Arizona. TBA

For additional events, seminars and globinars check out our new events page here.

What did we miss? Contact us at

About Global Chamber®

Global Chamber® is the world's first and ONLY chamber of commerce located in hundreds of metro areas that helps companies anywhere grow across metros and borders to 525 metro areas, from A to Z, Atlanta to Zanzibar, to everywhere! Membership means you're part of...

  1. Our/your continued growth in 525 metros globally, everywhere!
  2. Getting connected through warm introductions, i.e. 'global warming'.
  3. Weekly educational and informational discussions, free for members.
  4. Special events in your metro and in hundreds of metros globally.
  5. Being in the global tribe at an important time for global business.

Reach out any time to make your global growth journey a little easier. Our members know global!

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